About Us

Legarta Logistics

  • It is a modern and ambitious transport and logistics company serving customers throughout Europe and in the CIS countries.
  • Legarta is a dynamically developing provider of comprehensive logistics services for Russian and international companies of various sectors (Automotive, Industry, FMCG, Electronics), while maintaining its commitment to European standards of quality and service.
  • Choosing Legarta, you can be sure of the complete safety of your cargo and the exact timing of delivery to the destination.

The Task

Main objectives of the company


Our Team



Legarta was formed of specialists in logistics solutions field, having experience in large organizations.


Thanks to a strong team and reliable partners, our team offers comfortable work, professionalism and quick solutions to various difficult situations.


Keeping the word is one of the most important principles of our company. To keep a word is to honestly follow an agreement, to fulfill the promise. Our partners trust us, entrusting the solution for their logistics tasks.